Enterprise education has a home throughout the whole primary curriculum.


This section aims to support and inspire teachers who are already delivering enterprise activities and encourage those who are interested in developing an enterprise agenda within their schools in Hull.

Enterprise education raises aspirations and develops valuable skills for both higher education and employment. Enterprise opportunities can challenge the most able students, enhance a range of curriculum subjects and drive up standards as part of the school improvement agenda.

On our website you will find hints and tips for maximising your pupils’ business potential, as well as helpful resources to guide you through the setting up and sustainment of a successful enterprise agenda, if you require any assistance please use the 'Contact Us' page to ask any questions you may have.

“Enterprise education makes young people more independent and more switched on.” Sarah Thurston, teacher at Thorpepark School in Hull.
The links to the leftwill take you to sections of this website that contain heaps of resources and information that will contribute to your CPD and help to support you, your school and your enterprising students on their journey.