Are you imaginative, energetic and adventurous?


If the answer is 'Yes' then you are probably an enterprising kind of person! You don't have to be wearing a posh suit to be business-minded and this page will point you in the right direction for turning your ideas into reality- and who knows, maybe you could be your own boss some day? You may not have thought up an idea yet, but if you know that starting a business is for you, there are plenty of inspiring people out there to get your creative ideas flowing. Here are some examples of successful, young entrepreneurs who used their own experiences of life to turn their big ideas into businesses- and if they did it then so can you!


You may feel that thinking BIG is difficult- but it's not! All you need to do is spend some quality time with your thoughts, a pen and a piece of paper... At the age of 15 Oliver Bridge already had size 13 feet. Having struggled to find shoes that would fit, he launched online retailer Bigger Feet in September 2004


Hafida Sarachi set up HandyGirl, an all female home repair and garden maintenance company after experiencing intimidating and unreliable tradesmen. Endless stories of 'rogue' handymen got Hafida thinking about how much more comfortable many people would feel with a woman working in their home.


Martin Hunt became one of the UK's leading teenage entrepreneurs when he launched Huntforit, an online auction site which allows buyers to bid away from their computer by mobile SMS.


Some things to consider...

*What do your friends want but can't find?

*What would make your weekend hobbies more fun or productive?

*Is there anything you wouldn't mind parting with your extra cash for-if it were available?