If people are inspired at a young age and their aspirations supported throughout learning, the foundations will be laid for a more proactive workforce in the future...and today’s businesses could help pave their way.

Hull Ready aims to act as a platform for local businesses, maximising their profile with ambitious young people by contributing to the region’s schools and colleges, which should, in turn, provide an inspired future workforce and powerful returns for the business.

There are many projects happening in local schools and by getting involved you would have the opportunity to work with young people who are interested in your business.

Young people will have a chance to maximise their learning by doing, while you may wish to offer apprenticeships to those who show real potential and could eventually impact on your business.

Hull Ready would like to showcase the work carried out by local businesses with young people, promoting the positive aspects of the scheme on the website and maximising exposure for your enterprise.

There are so many different ways for established businesses to get involved. If you have any ideas or are interested in nurturing Hull’s up-and-coming talent, please contact: 
Michael.Notarantonio@hullcc.gov.uk or